Article:  Camila Parias hits a high note in Boston- The Boston Globe
"Camila Parias, the subject of a recent article in the Boston GlobeCamila Parias hits a high note in Boston. She sings with a pure tone that matches Azéma’s perfectly. Their duets were astonishingly beautiful." -The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"The highlight of the evening was the “Miserere Mei (Have Mercy On Me)” from Bembo’s Psalms of David.  Bembo disregards harmonic and melodic conventions for the sake of the text, creating a vivid look inside the mind and heart of David as he begs God for forgiveness.  Parias’ plaintive sound, firm technique and evocative style exploded the depth and power of the text, with the ensemble building from reflective to imploring alongside her." -The Boston Musical Intelligencer